Colour Fun July 28 2014

From the age of around 1 year, children are able to start identifying different colours, shapes and textures. Here is a simple idea to help your child learn their colours and practice their fine motor skills.

1. Find cheap coloured containers from a $2 shop or alternatively paint the lids of some clear containers.

2. Next cut a small hole in the lid of the container with a craft knife that is big enough to easily put a button in.

3. Buy some coloured buttons from a $2 shop or craft shop to put into the containers.

4. Hold up a button, say the colour and then put it in the matching coloured container. After modelling this a few times yourself, say the colour but get your child to try put the button in the right coloured container. 

5. For older children aged 2+ who are learning to count in order up to 10, you can extend this activity further by getting them to sort the colours on the floor then put them in each coloured container, counting them 1 by 1 as they fill up each container.

Tip for learning to count: Count every physical thing around you at every opportunity. Stairs, fingers, toes, toys, etc. Make sure you point to each object as you count together and label it with a number so they learn to identify that a number represents a physical thing. :)