Top 10 Tips For A Pumping Mum July 21 2014

Here is a great list of pumping tips from Mums to Mums. There are many reasons that you may need to pump breast milk for your baby. Some Mums may do a small amount of pumping for back up when they are going to be away from their baby for more than 3 hours or if your baby is having trouble latching on. Other Mums who are back at work may be doing a lot more pumping up to 3 times a day to keep up with the demand. While pumping is not the most fun thing in the world these tips will help hopefully make it a bit easier for you. 

1. Start Early
It may be the last thing on your mind when you bring your little bundle of joy home but it is worth it in the long run to start as early as possible. Pumping early helps to increase your supply and you begin to create a stash of milk that you can use at your beck and call.

2. Get A Good Pump
If you are someone who is going to be going back to work early and will be using the pump everyday, it is absolutely worth the money to buy a double-electric or hospital-grade pump. The cost is a little more but it's comparative to the money you would spend on formula. Visit the Breast Mates website for a great range of pumps.

3. Stay Hydrated
Nothing beats water to help cleanse your body and make you feel fresher. Being hydrated helps you to feel better but also helps your milk to be hydrated so in turn your baby is kept well hydrated too. 

4. Pay Attention To Your Diet
Try changing up your diet to see any difference in milk production. Some Mums find that if you have a healthier diet with a good intake of vegetables, fruits and proteins there is an increase in their output. Make sure you are also eating enough food. It's easy to want to cut calories to lose excess baby weight but don't cut too many and negatively affect your production. 

5. Develop A Routine
Finding time is a Mums hardest task. Once your baby is in a routine, work around their schedule to have your own breast pumping routine and try to stick to it as closely to it as you can to keep your production regular.

6. Get Comfortable
Make sure you are wearing baggier clothes that make it easy to attach the pump. The last thing you want to do is have to undress to pump. Also keep your mind busy when pumping to help time fly by. Make sure you have a book to read, your laptop, cellphone or some other form of entertainment. This will help you to relax and keep your mind off how much you are producing. To make the pumping even easier, you can buy a Hands-Free Expressing Bra online or at maternity wear stores. 

7. Keep Clean
Remember to always keep your pump parts sanitised and clean. All breast pump parts that come in contact with breast milk, such as bottles, valves and breast shields, should be cleaned after each use. You can buy home Microwave Sterilisers to ensure sterilisation. Alternatively to keep parts safe and sanitary, you can thoroughly wash away germs and bacteria with liquid dishwashing soap and warm water. It is not necessary to clean breast pump tubing unless it comes in contact with breast milk. If you wash your tubing, make sure you hang it to air dry before attaching it to your breast pump. If small water drops (condensation) appear in the tubing after you have pumped, turn the pump on for a few minutes until the tubing is dry.

8. Get Organised
Find a storage system that works for you by identifying what you want to pump your milk into. Some Mums prefer to buy storage milk bottles while others prefer breast milk storage bags for the fridge or freezer. See Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags for great bags that hold more milk than usual bags and lay flat in your freezer. For milk that you are freezing for a later date try to date each bottle or bag and record how many mls have been produced. 

9. Keep An Extra Set Of Parts
One of the worst things that can happen while pumping is that you get somewhere and realize that you don’t have all of your parts and you know you will explode if you don’t pump at some point during the day. It is a good idea to buy an inexpensive manual pump to keep in the car as well as an extra set of flanges, membranes and tubes for the days that everything is unfortunately still sitting in the dishwasher. 

10. Stay Positive
Pumping takes time, energy, and dedication. You have to keep in mind that if you are pumping at work you will need to be sure your employer or co-workers understand that this is something you are committed to doing and that you need the time to make it work. Go into it knowing that some days can be hard. Some days you might be a pumping queen and other days you may barely be able to produce a 100mls. Don’t give up after just a couple of bad days. Take it one day at a time, try to stay positive  and think about the wonderful nutrition you are making for your little one!