Developing Daily Routines For Your Kids August 18 2014

This idea won't be for everyone but there will be some of you super organised Mum's out there who will love it and action it straight away. I know I will be!!

Kids love routine and once they start talking they always want to know what's happening next. Creating a little timetable for your children is a great way of helping them know what's happening throughout their day and it helps to teach them key vocabulary that they will use everyday when they begin school.

First, you need to decide where you want to put the timetable. If you have a magnetic fridge then you can make little timetable cards with magnetic strips on the back of them. Alternatively you can use velcro hook and loop spots by making little timetable cards with velcro hook spots on the back of the card and the velcro loop spot to the surface you are sticking it to. Surface suggestions could be a mini blackboard or other small transportable boards that you can buy cheaply from Warehouse Stationery. 

Next, decide what timetables cards you will make that fit into your daily life. Some ideas could be Breakfast, Snack Time, Lunch, Dinner, Story Time, Learning Activity, Outside Play, Playtime, Swimming, Art Time, Clean Up, Cooking, TV Time and Mini Trip for any outings. 

Lastly, make your cards!! You could cut out pieces of coloured card and write each activity on the cards in vivid with a corresponding picture for the kids to understand. You could also type the activities up on a computer, add an image and print them on coloured card. Alternatively to help the images and words stand out, you can print them out on white paper and glue onto colour card to create a coloured border. If you're like me, you can even go 1 step further and laminate the timetable cards to help protect them from sticky hands and make them last longer. :)