Ordering Alphabet Letters September 01 2014

Once your child is able to identify letters and their sounds then the next step is to help them learn the correct ordering of the alphabet. Reading alphabet books with the letters in order and of course watching alphabet videos plus singing the alphabet song really helps to practice this.

A practical, hands on way for kids to practice this is with inexpensive wooden pegs and a coat hanger. Simply write the lowercase letter on one side and the uppercase letter on the other side of each wooden peg. Give the pegs to your kids with a brightly coloured, fun coat hanger and get them to practice clipping each peg onto the coat hanger in the correct order. If your child puts a peg in the wrong place instead of taking direction and saying "no that's wrong", instead ask them if it looks right and sounds right by singing the alphabet song together with them so they can realise and fix the mistake themselves. 

Tip: Get them to practice ordering both their lowercase letters and uppercase letters as for some letters these two can be very different looking.  (d D, g G, q Q, r R)