Ouch Pouch September 22 2014

Yay the weather is getting warmer so we are getting to spend more time in the beautiful outdoors. With 'fun in the sun time' with our little ones comes the essential on-the-go First Aid kit!
You can buy your own adorable 'Ouch Pouch' online through the etsy seller-  Pillow Sew Cute. Just fill this handy (and adorable) see-through pouch with all of your first aid essentials...

Alternatively you can find a little bag or pouch from home to fill. Or make your own little first aid bag with material or simply fill a plastoc ziplock bag.

Some Ideas To Fill Your Own Kit:
- Travel Size Sunblock
- A Mini Insect Repellent 
- A Bandage
- Colourful Plasters
- Travel Size Tissues
- Thermometer
- Antiseptic Wipes
- Burn Ointment
- Sanitising Hand Gel
- Sun Protecting Chapstick 
- Tweezers (for splinters!)
- Any Medications specific to your child
Finally.....Don't  forget the lollipop to soothe the pain!  :)