How To Turn Your Baby Into A Bookworm September 29 2014

You many not think that regular reading with your little one is necessary until they are about 3 or 4 years old but there are things you can do to help kids learn to love reading and learn about letter sounds.
Here are 5 top tips to get you started:
1. Find a time that works with your daily routine to read to your little one each day. This may be after a nap when they are nice and relaxed or just before a nap or bed time. It is hard to try fit in everyday but if you make a special time for it then it will become part of your routine.

2. Find interesting books that have simple, bright, interactive and stimulating artwork in them. Books with large, bold fonts are also great and stand out on the page better for your little one to identify. 

3. Point to each word as you read it. That will get your little one looking at the words and will also help them to understand that those words are telling the story of the book.

4. Talk about what is going on in the pictures. Point to the pictures and say what they are a couple of times to help build your little ones future vocabulary.

5. After you have had some structured time with reading the book from front to back, encourage your little one to look at the book by themselves. Keep several sturdy books among their other toys and encourage them to be gentle and careful when handling a book.