Onesie Enlightenment November 24 2014

Have you ever wondered why baby onesies have envelope shoulders? This week we were enlightened by baby website 'Babyology' on their wonderful, true purpose.

We have all been there at least once... your baby has created a poonami. :( You immediately know you have to quickly strip your baby and hose them down. Not to mention you will now have to throw that gorgeous outfit you just put them in back into the wash. You think this is as bad as it gets until you have to try and get the onesie up and over their head to take it off. Uh oh! Not very pleasant for your poor baby who doesn't like their onesie going over their head at the best of times.

So guess what? What if we told you that you don't have to pull that dripping onesies over their head any longer. The enveloped shoulders are made to completely open up the neck line. Open up that neckline and just roll the onesie down over the shoulders to easily slip the onesie off with a lot less mess and a much cleaner baby. High fives all around for this discovery. :)