Amazing and Super Simple Stain Tip January 05 2015

Wow! This would have to be the easiest stain removal tip ever. It's all-natural. It's no-hassle and most importantly it's FREE! What is it? Direct sunlight! :)

All you need to do is rinse the item then hang the stained baby clothes or reusable cloth diapers on the line. Make sure they are hung in a sunny spot or simply just lie them out flat in the sun for a few hours. Pop them in the washing machine after a few hours when the sun has gone down and the stain should magically disappear. Even on those gorgeous white outfits that you thought were ruined forever. 

Note that this stain removal tip is for baby poop. If your baby is 100% breastfed the effectiveness of the sun bleaching out baby stains should be great but does lessen as formula and solid food are added to the baby's diet.