Fun With Words January 26 2015

Check out this fun, hands on way of learning those first basic words that kids learn when they begin to read. :)

First find an old sheet or a plastic tarpaulin mat from a $2 shop and in different colour permanent markers draw some little bugs with basic words inside.

Then buy some fly swatters from a $2 shop and let the fun begin. You can have two kids playing against each other or you can play against your little one. (Make sure you let them win & don't get too competitive :P) 

To play, say a word and then sound it out slowly for them (hat= hhhh aaaa tttt) then see who can find the word first. :)

Here are some word ideas that will help get your preschoolers ready for school:

*and, the, at, he, she, you, me, we, I, am, to, my, was, it, had, has, mum, dad, ball, did, get, said, on, in, up, down, yes, no, are, hi, like, for

For younger 2 and 3 year olds you may want to add little pictures under the words to help them learn the words. :)