Last Month Pregnancy Checklist March 30 2015

1. Treat Yourself to a Manicure and Pedicure.
You may not be able to reach your own toes anymore and it’s probably the last thing you feel like doing so book in for a mani/pedi appointment. Not only do you deserve some pampering, but you will probably only be wearing jandles for a while and your hands will feature prominently in A LOT of photos of your new bundle of joy.

2. Pack an “Instaworthy” Going Home Outfit
Although your baby is likely to be kept swaddled for most of the time in hospital it is essential to plan out your new baby’s outfit including booties and a hat. Everyone needs and adorable, instaworthy outfit. You may even want to plan out your own going home outfit too as you will no doubt feature in the ‘going home’ photo too. #homebound

3. Go on a Date… or 3 or 4
It’s hard to predict when you’ll next be able to head out with you partner for some special alone time. Take advantage of the last few weeks by doing things as a couple before your little family grows.
4. Check Your Phone Storage
You are just about to become the next Anne Geddes, taking so many photos and videos of your new bundle of joy. So whether you think so or not, you’ll hit your phone storage max very quickly. You won’t want to delete any of those special moments and adorable facials so make sure you have synced you’re your previous photos onto a computer to free up space in your phone.
5. Research A Newborn Photographer
Speaking of photos… before your baby arrives, get some recommendations from friends or start looking on facebook for reputable photographers that you like the style of. Photographers like to do these newborn photos in the first two weeks of life so it is best to look into it now while you have some spare time.

6. Invest In a Nice, Yoga Outfit
Even the skinniest of women will leave the hospital with a small baby bump. The great news is that cute, yoga clothing is acceptable as everyday wear these days. Purchase an outfit that is comfortable and makes you feel good. I highly recommend yoga pants that have a nice, large waistband that stretches up above your belly button. You can be comfortably dressed each day and still look great when visitors swing by.

7. Invest in Dry Shampoo
Unfortunately in the first few weeks with your newborn, washing your hair AND drying your hair may become a luxury that you can’t keep up every few days like you are used to. Grab some dry shampoo from your local supermarket or chemist. Another lucky, handy product you can use for blondes is Baby Powder. Sprinkling a small amount of baby powder on your blonde roots also work miracles for when your hair starts to look greasy.
8. Prepare For The Postman
There are always so many kind people who will provide you with an abundance of lovely gifts for your new little one. For those of you who like to be organized, purchasing some nice Thank-you cards and matching envelopes can be super handy thing to do so you have them at home and can send them off promptly when you have a spare minute. While you are at it you can even organize an address list to be even more prompt on your thank-you card delivery.