Handmade Knitwear


These beautiful booties, matinee jackets and cushions are personally made by our very talented Nana Wanda, who we believe is the best knitter in the country. Each piece of handmade knitwear is made with excellent precision and to complete perfection. The items are stylishly unique and are made from top quality materials to look great and be super comfy for your newborn baby.

Our beautiful booties come in 3 unique styles and are made in 2 different wool materials to suit all seasons and skin types. Each style comes in a beautiful, soft merino wool for extra warmth and a gorgeous acrylic wool for a soft, lighter style bootie for warmer seasons and babies with sensitive skin.

Due to the nature of these items being handmade, we have smaller numbers of each item in stock. Therefore at times, items be made to order for customers and may take an extra 2-5 days before the item will be shipped to you. On confirmation of your order you will be informed as to whether the item is in stock and will be shipped to you immediately or whether there will be a 2-5 day delay while Nana's hands get busy.