Our gorgeous pink matinee jackets are made from a luxurious viscose material. Viscose is a beautiful material derived from bamboo, which provides such a silky soft texture. Our beautiful grey matinee jackets are made from a soft, cotton silk material. Each jacket has 3 beautiful, easy to open shell buttons as an extra added feature to make it even more sweet and special.

Our Pink Matinee Jacket is a blush, dusty coloured pink and has a beautiful feminine knitted detailing down the front of the jacket. Our Grey Matinee Jacket is a light, silver coloured grey and has a gorgeous waved knitting detailing down the front to look adorable on both baby boys and girls. 

Our lovely jackets are made especially for newborn babies and will fit babies up to 4 month old.

Due to the nature of these jackets being handmade, we have smaller numbers of each item in stock. Therefore at times, jackets will be made to order for customers and may take an extra 2-5 days before the item will be shipped to you. On confirmation of your order you will be informed as to whether the item is in stock and will be shipped to you immediately or whether there will be a 2-5 day delay while Nana's hands get busy. 

Care Instructions: Gentle hand wash. Do not iron. Do not put in dryer. Lay flat to dry on a towel.


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